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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Amazing Benefits Of Tomatoes For Skin

Glowing And Smooth Skin

The Beta-Carotene and Lycopene found in tomatoes helps in protecting the skin from damage as well as in glowing and smooth skin.


Tomato is also an anti-aging super food that is effective in keeping the skin healthy. Lycopene found in tomatoes is an effective antioxidant that cures skin-related diseases.

Open Pores Treatment

Open Pores are small pores. When these pores open more, then dusty soil starts accumulating in it. For this reason one has to face nail acne. In such a situation, tomato juice cleanses these pores and reduces their size, as well as can tone the facial skin.

Treatment Of Sunburn

Tomatoes contain Lycopene which can help protect your skin from the Sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. This means that a problem like sunburn can be faced with the use of tomatoes.

Excellent Astringent

If there is a large pores due to pimples on the skin, then let us tell you that the ingredient that reduces these signs is a chemical called astringent. This astringent is found in tomatoes. Cleansing your skin with tomatoes helps to reduce the size of skin pores and make them smaller.

For Bleaching

Apply tomato mask daily to lightening your skin tone. Tomatoes have natural bleaching and whitening properties that can glow skin. Tomato is rich in Vitamin C and has astringent properties that cleanse the skin’s natural colors.

Freedom From Dead Skin Cells

Phytochemicals present in tomatoes can play an important role in removing dead cells present in the skin.  
Published: By: vegetables - March 05, 2020

Monday, March 2, 2020

Health Benefits Of Raw Onions

Of Course, water comes to the eyes when cutting onions, but there are countless benefits from eating it.  Although both raw and cooked onions are beneficial for health, but in case of raw onions high amount of organic sulfur and high antioxidant properties found in it, which has many health benefits. We discuss four major health benefits for consuming raw onions.


Onions have chromium due to which they are beneficial for diabetic patients as well as they have antidiabetic properties. If someone is suffering from diabetes, he should take onion on the advice of doctor along with diabetes medicine.

Cancer Prevention

According to Scientists , onions have the ability to prevent the cells that cause stomach and breast cancer. Onions have high amount of anthocyanin, which acts as antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent the formation of free radicals in the body, which reduces the risk of cancer.

Digestive System

The Properties of onion also improve the digestive system. Onion has high fiber content ,which can relieve problems like constipation and gas. If there is not problem of constipation, then the digestive system will work properly. It helps in the formation of good bacteria in the intestines so that you can work properly. Apart from this , it can also relieve problems like stomach ache and stomach worms.

Healthy Heart

Onions can also balance cholesterol levels, which are essential for heart health. Onions can prevent platelets from sticking to each other in the blood, so that blood clots do not freeze and reduce the risk of heart attack. Apart from this, onion also controls high blood pressure, which is not good for the heart.
Published: By: vegetables - March 02, 2020


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